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The Spirit of David

A Tribute to the Life and Memory of David Schumacher

The Spirit of David honors the life of David Schumacher, which inspires us all. A collection of inspiring stories from those who have overcome ... winning against all odds!

"If you think you have problems, read this for inspiration." - Jim Leatherwood, M.A., author of Facing the Future Together

"Caution. This will cause your spirit to soar higher than you thought possible." James D. Frey, Director of Gifts and Estate Planning for Mission Hospital Foundation, Mission Viejo, CA

Order Your Book Today and Get Our Special PATH* Discount!

$10 each

All proceeds support:
*People Assisting The Homeless (PATH)
340 N. Madison Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Order on-line at www.epath.org or call 323 644-2209



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