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The newsletter of the Book Publicists of Southern California, Know Thy Shelf, is published six times each year. Know Thy Shelf is four pages chock full of the latest news about BPSC and its members, a message from the organization's president details upcoming events, meetings and speakers, photos of members taken at the most recent meeting or book industry event (don't we love those candid pictures!) and, as a special treat, our founder's column.
Irwin Zucker puts the "Z" in "As I Z It" . . . In his "As I 'Z' It" column, BPSC founder Irwin Zucker shares observations, thank-you's and "glitterati," and more about his personal encounters with members of BPSC.

In his President's Message, the BPSC club president shares observations about the book industry and how our organization empowers new and veteran authors to promote themselves and their books with the greatest of confidence.

Know Thy Shelf is distributed only to members of Book Publicists of Southern California. (Activate or renew your membership, so you won't have to miss any issues of popular newsletter! Contact us today.) 

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