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  We are grateful to our late president Ernie Weckbaugh for developing the Chopped Liver series: 
  Chopped Liver for the Kindred Spirit was released in late 2006.Chopped Liver for the Kindred Spirit (2007). This book is dedicated to the power of the story to impact your life. Stories of people and their experiences, of brotherhood, hope and confidence, uplifting messages of hope that show that "chopped liver" is not the end but the beginning of great things. As Dr. Terry Paulson, who wrote the introduction, so aptly says, "As kindred souls on our own journey through life, enjoy the ride these stories provide." 
  Chopped Liver for the Gentle Spirit (2006). In a world increasingly crowded with greed and growing coarseness, this fourth book in our series shares stories about the gentle souls (including pets) in people's lives, offering hope and reinforcement through the charitable acts, expressions of kindness and the sharing of love. 
  Chopped Liver for the Loving Spirit (2005), third in the Chopped Liver anthology series published by Book Publicists of Southern California. Fifty individuals shared their stories of family, friends, childhood, challenges and memorable moments. 
  Chopped Liver for the Family Spirit (2004) features inspiring stories from nearly 50 authors ... of everyday heroes who embrace the challenges, the "chopped liver" that life dishes out, and come out winners. They reflect courage, hope and humor and show how, in the eye of international and domestic hurricanes, the remarkable sanctuary of the family resides. The authors confirm that "chopped liver" is not the end, but the beginning of great things in life. 
  The First Chopped Liver Book. In 2003, Book Publicists of Southern California introduced the Chopped Liver anthology book series. The first book in the series, Chopped Liver for the American Spirit, was officially introduced at BPSC's August 2003 meeting. It contained amusing and inspiring stories written by members of BPSC. 
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