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The IRWIN Award Winners

The Industry Recognition of Writers In the News awards are named in honor of Book Publicists of Southern California founder IRWIN ZUCKER.

2017 - CELEBRITY PRESENTER - Irwin Zucker, BPSC Founder

Julie D. Summers - Best Advance PR Campaign
Desiree Duffy -
Publicist of the Year
Richard Fox - 
Best Mystery Romance
George Green -
Best Series of Children's Books
Mark Kingston Levin, PhD -
Best Science Fiction Book
Susan Moss -
Best Movie Potential
Master Clarice Chan -
Visionary of the Year
Beth R. Temkin -
Best Celebrity Book of the Year
Sharon Wozny -
Best Humanitarian Crusade
Patty Civalleri -
Best International Travel Book of the Year
Kathy Peach -
Best Inspirational Children's Book
Marla Jane Robbins -
Poetry Book of the Year
Reesi Rocca -
Best Children's Picture Book
Craig Leener -
Best Young Adult Fiction
Claudia Prada -
Best E-Book of the Year
Pamela L. Perez, PhD -
Best Environmental Research
Cheryl Kane &  James M. Pembroke -
Best Nonfiction Book
Michael Mayo -
Best Book Bridging Communications Between Animals and Human

2018 - CELEBRITY PRESENTER -  Irwin Zucker, BPSC Founder

Barbara Gaughen-Muller -
Publicist of the Year
Conrad J. Storad -
Best Storyteller of the Year
Olympia LePoint -
Most Inspirational Campaign
Alexis Rafael -
Best #MeToo Novel
Robert Gandt & Mike Flint -
Book of the Year
Geraldine Hughes -
Best Sustained Campaign
Marilyn Anderson -
Best Book on Saving Money
  & Living Well
Alexis Hunter -
Entertainment Book of the Year
Laurie Finkelstein -
Best Romantic Comedy
Linda Rae Anderson -
Best Self-Help Book
Mark J. Rose -
Best Science Fiction Series
Christina Cigala & Bobby Goldstein -
   Dystopian Novel
D. Lynn Smith -
Best Graphic Novel
Raye Mitchell -
Best Empowerment Book Series
Trudy Peters & Leah Butler-
Best Interactive
   Children's Book Series
Laurel Anne Hill -
Best Speculative Fiction
Melissa Fales -
Best Magazine Writer
Marcus  Dino -
Best Young Adult Fiction

2015 - CELEBRITY PRESENTERS - IRWIN & IRWIN, Broadcaster "Shotgun Tom" Kelly (surname Irwin) and BPSC Founder Irwin Zucker

Sherry Klinger - Publicist of the Year

Michael Antin - Most Creative Campaign

Joan Del Monte - Best Mystery Novel

Julie Neuffer, Ph.D. - Best Pop Culture Campaign

David Mulatto -  Best Social Commentary

Beverly Gaard, Ph.D. -  Best Transformational Book

Preston Rendell - Best Fiction of the Year

Leagan Kasper -  Most Sensual Book of Year

Roger Colley - Best News Tie-in Campaign

Ivor Davis -  Entertainment Book of the Year

Sylvia Cary -  Best Niche Campaign

Nina Dhillon - Best International Campaign

Adelina Hollands - Best Juvenile Fiction of Year

Joseph D'Antoni - Best Literary Series

Lita Rawdin Singer, Ph.D. - Most Humanitarian Campaign

Gary Aleks - Best Book of Poetry

Wendy P. Basil, Ph.D. - Best Neuromarketing Book

Jerry Zerg - Best Visionary Literature of Year

2016 - CELEBRITY PRESENTER - Irwin Zucker, BPSC Founder

Mel Weiser - Best Young Adult Book of the Year
Shelley Tzorfas -
Best Humanitarian Campaign
Alondra Oubre, Ph.D. -
Best Social Commentary
Lila Lee Silvern -
Best Humor Book of the Year
Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin -
Best Memoir of the Year
Melinda Sue Norin, Psy.D. -
Best Niche Campaign
Kathleen Sexton Kaiser -
Publicist of the Year
Radomir Vojtech Luza -
Most Creative Book of Poetry
Linda F. Radke -
Publisher of Best Literary Magazine
Cristy Bertini -
Best Editorial Director
Van B. Choat -
Most Inspirational Book of the Year
Rose M. Colombo -
Best Political Satire
Nick Delgado, Ph.D. -
Best Health Book of the Year
Kevin Glynn -
Most Imaginative Work of Literature
Eric La Price -
Most Innovative Photo Book of the Year
Ina Silvert Hillebrandt -
Most Provocative Book of the Year
Linnea B. McCord, J.D. -
Best Non-Fiction Book
Gerald Loren Fishkin, Ph.D. -
Best Psychology Book of the Year
Evelyn De Wolfe & George Lewis -
Best Historical Portrayal
2014 - CELEBRITY PRESENTER: Wink Martindale

Jill Amadio
- Best International Campaign

David Beakel - A Work of Friction

George Cave, Ph.D. - Best Non-Fiction Campaign

Barbara Charis - Best Sustained Campaign

Elissa Eaton - Most Erotic Book of Year

Bill Friedman - Best Historical Campaign

Michael Woodworth Fuller - Best Fiction

Kathy Gruven, Ph.D. - Best News Tie-In Campaign

Cynthia Hammer - Best Marketing Campaign

Yolanda Izurieta - Best Bilingual Campaign

Marcus Meleton - Most Outrageous Campaign

Michael Oden - Most Innovative Campaign

Rhonda Rees - Publicist of the Year

Archie Scott - Best Medical Book

Dwight Slaughter - Most Inspirational Campaign

Ayn Cates Sullivan - Best Spiritual Campaign

Ana Weber - Best Entrepreneurial Campaign


Conrad Bernier - Best International Campaign

Harriett Bronson - Most Inspiring Memoir

Tommy Davis - Best Sports Book

Ruth Frechman - Best News Tie-In Campaign

Ron Koegler, M.D. - Best Historical Fiction

Mark Lovendale - Best Non-Fiction Campaign

Evelyn De Wolfe - Most Inspirational Campaign

Dasol Mashaka - Best Creative Campaign

Cary Presant, M.D. - Most Humanitarian Campaign

Steve S. Ryan and Patti J. Ryan - Best Marketing Campaign

William Sewell - Best Fiction Campaign

Dr. Huesan Tran - Best Visionary Campaign

Samuel Freshman and Heidi Clingen - Best Self-Help Book

Chuck McCann* - Entertainment Book of the Year

*In Memoriam

The Double-Energy Twins, Judi & Shari Zucker

Mary A. Mann - Most Humanitarian Campaign

Julie Adams - Best Biographical Campaign

H. Levi Harrison, M.D. - Best Community Health Campaign

Christine Candland - Best Juvenile Fiction Campaign

Diane Bucci - Most Inspirational Campaign

MernaLyn - Best Motivational Campaign

Devon Blaine - Book Publicist of the Year

Violeta Barrett - Best Romance Campaign

Danny Quintana - Best News Tie-in Campaign

Joyce Alexander - Best International Campaign

Granger Korff - Best Non-Fiction Campaign

Tony Medley - Best Sustained Campaign

Peter Ford - Entertainment Book of the Year

Judi & Shari Zucker - Most Energized Campaign

2011 - CELEBRITY PRESENTER: Tommy Hawkins*

Carla Laemmle* - Best Celebrity Campaign

Jean Sanders Torrey* - Best Fiction Campaign

Paul Straub, M.D. - Most Inspirational Campaign

Phil Margo - Best Science Fiction Campaign

Anita Reinsma - Most Innovative Campaign

Lauren Gale - Best Visionary Campaign

Victoria Bowmann, Ph.D. - Best Motivational Campaign

Nicholas Stanton - Best Juvenile Fiction Campaign

Howard Birnberg - Best International Campaign

Arlene & Bernard* Clendenin - Best Educational Campaign

Sonnee Weedn - Best Psycho-Spiritual Campaign

Rosemary H. Cohen, Ph.D. - Most Humanitarian Campaign

Sam Djang, D.D.S. - Best Historical Fiction Campaign

*In Memoriam

CELEBRITY PRESENTER: "Shotgun Tom" Kelly (surname IRWIN)

David Evans - Most Innovative Campaign

Rose M. Colombo - Best Motivational Campaign

Greg Doyle - Most Inspirational Campaign

R. Lee Walker - Best Humanitarian Campaign

Jim Hallowes - Publicist of the Year

Jacque Heebner - Best Creative Campaign

Sanda Davis - Best Psycho-Spiritual Campaign

Joyce Geeting - Best Biographical Campaign

Wanda Sue Parrott - Best Visionary Campaign

Flo Snyder - Entertainment Book of the Year

Camille Franklin - Best Historical Campaign

Michele Monro - Best International Campaign

Gloria Berlin - Best Celebrity Book Campaign

George Newberry - Best Non-Fiction Campaign


Darlene Dennis - Best Print Campaign

Sheila Farrell Murray - Best Fiction Campaign

Marion Rosen - Best Inspirational Campaign

Muriel Donaldson - Best Motivational Campaign

Sherry Meinberg, Ph.D. - Best Niche Marketing Campaign

Art Hansl* - Entertainment Book of the Year

Patricia Bragg, Ph.D. - Best Sustained Campaign

Joyce Schwarz - Best Visionary Campaign

Peter Balaskas - Publicist of the Year

George H. Hassan - Best International Campaign

Sissy Taran - Best Community Service Campaign

J.B. Simms - Best Non-Fiction Campaign

*In Memoriam


Michael Mehas - Best Fiction Campaign

Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. - Best Nonfiction Campaign

Dr. Anne Gray - Best International Campaign

Norman Bergrun - Best Sustained Campaign

Pam Lontos - Publicist of the Year

Jim Leatherwood - Most Innovative Campaign

Dianne de la Vega - Entertainment Book of the Year

Gayel Pitchford - Best Niche Marketing Campaign

Lili Dauphin - Most Inspirational Campaign

Costantino Delli - Best Humanitarian Campaign

Patricia Hamilton - Best Creative Campaign

Alva Sachs - Best Motivational Campaign

*In Memoriam


Lawrence & Carole Pane - Best International Campaign

Patricia Kokinos - Best Fiction Campaign

Naomi Karz Jacobs - Best Non-Fiction Campaign

Victoria Jolson - Entertainment Book of the Year

Dan Smith - Book Publicist of the Year

Lois Rose Rose - Most Innovative Campaign

Dr. Barbara J. Harper - Most Inspirational Campaign

Pamela Kelly - Best Networking Campaign

Larry Sager - Best Media Campaign

Alvin Harris, MD - Most Humanitarian Campaign

Dee Dee Phelps - Best Pop Culture Campaign

Pamela Law - Best Marketing Campaign

Janet Goliger - Best Community Service Campaign


Roger SeLegue* - Best Fiction Campaign
Bryan Farrish - Southern California Publicist of the Year
Geo O'Connor* - Best International Campaign
Ernest Schwarz, M.D., Ph.D. - Best News Tie-in Campaign
Robin C. Westmiller, J.D. - Best Press/Print Campaign
Pat Katakio, E.E.P. - Most Inspirational Campaign
Dawn Williams - Entertainment Book of the Year
Bernice Schacter - Most Innovative Campaign
S. Hanala Stadner - Best TV-Radio Campaign
Linda F. Radke - Book Marketer of the Year
Howard* and Judy Keel - Best Non-Fiction Campaign
Fred Siegel - Best Sustained Campaign

*In Memoriam


Samantha Hart - Best Entertainment Book
Nadine Nardi Davidson - Best Radio/TV Campaign
Val Middlebrook* - Best Entrepreneurial Campaign
Don Silvers* - Best Sustained Campaign
David Stevens - Best Fiction Campaign
Rennie Gabriel - Best Niche Marketing Campaign
Ivan Burnell* - Most Inspirational Campaign
April Shenandoah - Best News Tie-In Campaign
Patricia Rust - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Yvonne Brooks - Most Innovative Campaign
Susan Moss - Best International Campaign
Yolanda Nava - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Joyce Spizer - Publicist of the Year

*In Memoriam

(Stan Irwin*, In Memoriam, and Irwin Zucker)

Dr. Emma Etuk, Ph.D. - Best International Campaign
Stanley Weisleder - Best Fiction Campaign
Susanne Reyto - Best Non-Fiction Campaign
Kenny Kahn* - Most Inspirational Campaign
Arthur Silber, Jr. - Entertainment Book of the Year
Michelle Blood and Rock Riddle - Most Innovative Campaign
Edward Lee Goldstein - Best Networking Campaign
Carolyn Howard-Johnson - Most Cost Effective Campaign
Terri Marie - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Bob Mazza* - Publicist of the Year
Flo Selfman - Best Book Tie-In Campaign

*In Memoriam


January Jones - Best Radio/TV Campaign
Diana Johnson - Best Fiction Campaign
Cynthia Hunter - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Jim Riordan - Publicist of the Year
Jo Giese - Best Print Campaign
Alana Lyons, Ph.D. - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Brad Butler - Best International Campaign
Mel Weiser - Best Celebrity Book Award
Earl Mindell, Ph.D. - Best Sustained Campaign
Dottie Walters* - Most Innovative Campaign
Alan Schlein - Best Electronic Campaign
Lee Boothby - Best Media Kit

*In Memoriam


Jeraldine Saunders - Best Sustained Campaign
Esther Pearlman - Most Innovative Campaign
Jacqueline Sidman, Ph.D. - Most Inspirational Campaign
David Swingler - Best International Campaign
Edward Es
- Best Fiction Campaign
Roy William Roush, Ph.D. - Best Non-Fiction Campaign
David Balch - Best News Tie-In Campaign
Ida Greene, Ph.D. - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Lindsey Kotler - Best Media Kit
Charlie Barrett - Publicist of the Year

*In Memoriam


Bruce Goldberg, D.D.S. - Best Radio/TV Campaign
Basia Hoffman - Best Fiction Campaign
Len Wood - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Arlene T. Dyer - Publicist of the Year
Riquette Hofstein - Best Print Campaign
Larry Clapp* - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Ava Cadell, Ph.D. - Best International Campaign
Don Barrett - Best Merchandising Campaign
Devra Hill, Ph.D. - Best Sustained Campaign
Helaine Z. Harris - Most Innovative Campaign
David Valenti - Best Electronic Campaign
Rebecca Coffey - Best Media Kit

*In Memoriam


Marvin Marshall, Ed.D - Best Sustained Campaign
Robert Hecker - Best Fiction Campaign
Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.* - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Kate Adamson - Most Inspirational Campaign
Mitchell J. Freedman - Best Media Campaign
Robert Kotler, M.D. - Most Innovative Campaign
Michael Grossman, M.D. and Jodi Jones, M.D. -
   Best Media Kit
Leo Pearlstein - Publicist of the Year
Loree Taylor Jordan - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Barbara Sternig - Best News Tie-In Campaign

*In Memoriam


Frank Genco - Best Print Campaign
Judy Belshe - Best Electronic Campaign
Ruthie Grant, Ph.D. - Best Radio/TV Campaign
Tom* and Mary Lou Magee - Most Innovative Campaign
Angi Ma Wong - Publicist of the Year
Margo Bennett - Best International Campaign
Don Etkes, Ph.D. - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Jim Anderson* - Best Sustained Campaign
Catherine Cloud Templeton - Best Fiction Campaign
Illana Katz - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Jan Yager, Ph.D. - Best Media Kit

*In Memoriam


Betty Ryan-DellaCorte - Best News Tie-In Campaign
Ronald Barnett - Most Innovative Campaign
Patricia Fitzgerald, D.H.M. - Best Entrepreneurial Campaign
Joyce Kennedy, Ph.D. - Best International Campaign
Bea Frolich* - Best Sustained Campaign
Anthony Mora - Best Fiction Campaign
David Schumacher, Ph.D.* - Most Inspirational Campaign
Mondo Fax - Best Media Kit
Doug Thorburn - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Ellen Reid* - Book Marketer of the Year
Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D. - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Michael Holmes* - Publicist of the Year

*In Memoriam


James Malinchak - Most Innovative Campaign
Milton Kahn - Book Publicist of the Year
Ray Sahelian, M.D. - Best Print Campaign
Willie Southall - Best International Campaign
Nancy Zi - Best Media Kit
Morton Cooper, Ph.D. - Best Radio/TV Campaign
Charles Coulter - Best Fiction Campaign
Godfrey Harris - Best Non-fiction Campaign
David Lumbert - Best Mail-Order Campaign



Georgia Durante - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Debo Kotun - Best Fiction Campaign
Edward Lozzi - Publicist of the Year
B.J. Mitchell - Most Humanitarian Campaign
Jacqueline Marcell - Best Print Campaign
Vikki Ashley, Ph.D. - Most Inspirational Campaign
Al Winnikoff* and Wayne Wagner - Best Radio/TV Campaign
Diane R. Isaacs, Ph.D. - Best News Tie-In Campaign
Lloyd Wright - Best Internet Campaign
Eleni-Dayle Iversen* and Jack Iversen* - Best Press Kit
Steven Pybrum - Best Sustained Campaign
Francia Turner - Best International Campaign

*In Memoriam


Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen - Publicists of the Year
Vera Gold - Most Supportive Radio Personality
Ed Hibler - Best Non-fiction Campaign
Lyn Harris Hicks and Dorothy Boberg -
   Best Academic Campaign
Ruth Klein - Best Print Campaign
Bill Mangum - Most Innovative Campaign
Dan Poynter* - Best Electronic Campaign
Margaret Rector* - Most Original Entry
Tom Youngholm - Best Fiction Campaign

*In Memoriam


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